IKEA’s smallest store banner ad

How many of you click on banner ads? I would argue that not many of us do. I know I don’t. One reason that I don’t want to click on it is simply because I don’t want to leave the current page that I am on. After all, I was there for a reason: I wanted to read something there. Earlier today, my mouse happened to glide over a small banner ad. It was interactive. When the mouse glided over, it showed me many small squares of pictures of furniture. My curiosity got the better of me: I looked. Mind you, I still didn’t have to leave the page I was on, but I got to browse what the company had to offer. It was an IKEA banner ad: 300×250 pixels, about 2800 products.


The genius of the ad is that it increases the click-through rates of the page where the ad is placed. Not only does it appeal to the customers who already like banner ads, it also captures the curiosity of the unlikely shoppers with the ad’s interesting interactive features that display the products right then and there. In a world where advertising ROI is everything, this just might be the advertising design of the future as far as banner ads are concerned.